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3 Reasons To have Your New Home Inspected By A Pest Control Specialist

October 30, 2015

Is your new home fit to live in? Of course it is! But the real question is, who (or what) else has chosen to live there? Not people, per se, but unwanted pests. Most of us love the Florida climate, but it does encourage huge diversity of life. Some creatures are cute and some are downright unpleasant, while others can do huge damage to your property. Some can even be fatal. All are unwanted by property owners. The Florida pest control business is highly specialized and plays an important part in maintaining the health and quality of life of people who live here.

Whether it’s a new build or a mature property, your new home is a major investment and commitment, so why share it with uninvited (even invisible) guests? With a reliable and experienced pest control service you can avoid all the worries of uninvited guests and protect your investment – including loft, basement, garage, lawn, shrubs and trees. Here are just 3 powerful reasons to have your new home inspected by a pest control specialist:

  • Inspection will give you peace of mind that you will not be sharing your living space with unwelcome – even unseen – guests. These range from spiders to squirrels, pantry pests to fire ants. Bees, rodents, tree, shrub and lawn pests (and even their traces) can be identified during an inspection. Every location has its own profile of pests, whether your new home is near the beach, surrounded by forest, near a river or in the city center. The best Florida pest control companies will have a database of pests and also know about their prevalence in certain locations.

  • Wood destroying organisms (WDO) such as termites can eat your precious investment. They cause $5 billion of property damage each year in the US. A WDO inspection will give your property the all clear or advise on remedial treatment. If you are moving into a new-build home get advice on termite prevention treatment. You don’t have to give them a free meal!

  • You move into your new home and discover that you have a pest infestation. In the worst case it could mean that fumigation is necessary. Most of the leading Florida pest control companies use environmentally friendly chemicals, but it could still be advisable for you to move elsewhere for a few days while treatment takes place. More cost, more disruption – just after moving home! All this could be avoided by a simple pest inspection before you move in. Why not sleep easy on your first night in the knowledge that you are not sharing your new home with unpleasant guests?

Following an inspection, Nozzle Nolen provides you with a detailed report and no-obligation estimate for appropriate pest prevention and pest control services.

Talk to us today about an inspection – Nozzle Nolen, Florida pest control specialists, and check out our special promotion for moving customers!



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