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Why Do I Have So Many House Flies in My Port St. Lucie Home?

house fly in port st. lucie home

May 18, 2018 Flies

As we enter May, flies become a prevalent pest in Port St. Lucie homes. Those that were hibernating over winter have emerged and others have been actively laying eggs and reproducing. There is nothing worse than annoying buzzing flies in your home landing on your food or zipping around your bedroom while you are trying to sleep. Fortunately, there are pest control methods that can help you rid…

Asian Termites Killing Splash Pines

asian termite on gray background

May 17, 2018

Apparently, there’s no limit to how destructive the invasive Asian termites are. There has been a recent phenomenon regarding the new feeding sites for these termites. Asian termites are creating a very disparaging problem, as they have been increasing their activity in hollowing out the Splash Pines of South Florida.

Meet The Common Spiders Of Tequesta

black widow spider up close

May 16, 2018 Spiders

Spiders in Tequesta make great neighbors but horrible houseguests. There is no doubt that it is good to have spiders around. Spiders are predators that prey on many harmful bugs such as mosquitoes and cockroaches. But, when spiders get inside, they can create problems. Here are some of the common spiders we have in Tequesta and a few of the problems they can present.

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